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Weddings are a busy time and are filled with tons of emotions. Weddings are filled with moments you want to preserve forever. To make these memories eternal, you hire the best photographers in town. But your job is not done yet. You need to know what moments you want to preserve. Is there a specific shot you’d like to be taken? The D-day makes many a strong willed person nervous. Important moments slip by. Avoid last minute rush by furnishing a list of must-have shots and share it with your photographer!

A wedding actually begins way before the actual ceremony. Won’t you like to have a photograph of the proposal and the engagement! The actual duration for which you hire a professional may vary. A pre-decided agreement will have a mention of all the events for which you have booked the photographer.

Pre-wedding photograph checklist
1. Close-up of the ring in the ring store.
2. A discreet photo of your fiancee before you pop the question
3. Candid photograph of her saying yes. (Hope she does!)
4. Selection of the dress.
5. A portrait with the wedding invite.

Wedding Day Shots: Before the event
1. A landscape photograph of the venue without guests
2. Guests approaching the venue
3. Guests getting off their vehicles
4. Flower arrangements
5. The Bride getting ready (must-have!)
6. The Bridesmaids getting ready
7. Dresses laid out with make-up and accessories. (Something old, something new, something borrowed)
8. The groom getting dressed up
9. The best-man helping the groom ( Putting on the tie/cufflinks)
10. The groom’s shoes
11. A candid photograph of the groom with his dad.
12. The flower-girl getting ready
13. An alone moment of the bride and groom separately
14. Different and touchy family portraits.
15. Bride and father in the car going to the venue
16. Bride entering the venue/ disembarking from the car
17. Bride putting on the veil with her mother
18. Detailing on her dress
19. Fun pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen enjoying themselves.
20. Shots of the wedding rings

Wedding Day Shots: Ceremony
1. The Groom and Groomsmen waiting for the bride to arrive
2. A shot of the wedding party back stage
3. The bride just about to enter. 
4. The flower girl walking up the aisle
5. The bride walking up the aisle
6. The reaction from the groom
7. The reaction from the guests
8. Father and mother of the bride giving her away
9. A shot of the vows
10. Lighting of the candle
11. Signing the register
12. Exchanging rings
13. Close-up of the ring on their fingers.
14. The couple kissing
15. The moment after the kiss
16. The couple walking down the aisle
17. Throwing of confetti. 
18. The bridesmaids behind the bride
19. Getting into the wedding car
20. The Couple sitting in the car
21. A picture of the car driving away and the wedding party waving good-bye

Wedding Day Shots: Reception
1. The band
2. The first dance
3. The wedding cake
4. The cake cutting ceremony
5. The toast by the Best Man
6. Guests dancing
7. Bride dancing with her father
8. Groom dancing with his mother
9. Parents dancing
10. Kids playing and going crazy on the dance floor
11. The DJ
12. The Bride tossing the garter (creative shot)
13. The bridesmaids catching the garter
14. Final farewell

This was a brief laundry list of the must-have shots. Get creative and add many more. Each shot will take 3 minutes on an average. So ration accordingly! Pre-wedding and post-wedding (honeymoon) photographs have also become a trend nowadays. So explore your options well in advance. Contact a photography professional like Photography Orange County for assistance today!

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